RBHS tennis finally begins competition

Dylon Reid, Staff Writer

As many anticipated sports are starting up, one of those sports is tennis. This tennis year is similar, if not the same as the last year’s season. Tennis started in early March and plans to go all the way through April, lasting only 2 months, compared to the previous season’s which are 2 and a half months. Because last year’s season was shut to a stop, the Red Bluff boys team had high hopes to be first or second for the season. But because most of the team consisted of seniors, only leaves this year’s boys tennis team with two seniors.

Due to sports being postponed in the fall, the girls’ tennis team was forced to move their season into the spring, same as the boys. The boys and girls tennis team both have linked for a conjoined season, practicing together on only 4 courts with over 20 players. The girls’ tennis team’s first anticipated match is the 11th against Corning at 3:30. The girl’s team is planning to have about 13 matches this season, depending on conditions regarding Covid and also weather conditions.

The boy’s team is having an anticipated match this season. Todd Bell’s a third-year tennis player at Red Bluff High School and his response to this year’s season is, “This season is quite packed as we are playing with the girls too, but it’s fun to play tennis with more people. I’m just glad to play this year because there was a chance we were not going to be allowed to. There’s also some Freshman this year who are improving a lot which is good to see.”

This tennis season is highly anticipated for the players and the coaches, while just being able to go and play, is a win for the team.