Math recognizes strong students

Triston Vaillette, Staff Writer

These awards are simply just a recognition of excellence for each subject. Out of the four main subjects of Mathematics, Science, History and English, a teacher from their respective department selects four winners to accept the award. Our Math winners chosen by Mr. Penner, are Bradyn Klein, Olivia Solli, Avery Wendland and Fletcher Botke.

As far as what he thought about Klein, Mr. Penner had this to say, “Bradyn is a phenomenally hard worker. He pays very close attention to every detail and that serves him well in advanced classes. I know he does well in every class, but I can tell he cares deeply about his preparation in math and science and it shows in the quality of his work.” Klein’s response was, “I think I was selected as a math award winner due to the fact that I’m very attentive in class and I make sure to perfect my understanding of every concept that is taught. I take the time and effort necessary to comprehend every topic that is covered and try to help those around me as well.”

Continuing his thoughts about the winners, Mr. Penner says this of Fletcher Botke, “Fletcher is just consistent.   He does impeccable work and never even looks like it takes any effort. I appreciate how well he is able to make connections in math. We build on concepts and though review is helpful I really don’t need to remind him of the concepts upon which we are building because he actually has mastered the material.” Coming from Norway, Olivia was also chosen by Mr. Penner. His choice of words to voice his opinion on her consisted of, “Olivia comes to us from Norway. She finished our calculus class last year in Norway so is working independently to take the second calculus course. She has a keen ability to see mathematics. She occasionally asks for help and I have to say that I absolutely love it. It is fun to revisit concepts I haven’t done in many years.   Olivia is fun to interact with as we figure out these issues together.” Flattered and surprised, she gladly responded with, “I want to thank Mr. Penner for always being available to answer questions and help me when I struggle. I am really grateful for being given the opportunity to continue learning new things everyday.”

Lastly, of Avery, Mr. Penner stated, “Avery sometimes has that little nervousness about him that makes me worried that he doesn’t fully get what we are doing. He blows me away time and time again at how good his mathematical skills really are. I have been quite impressed by his ability to grasp concepts and execute algorithms that are sometimes quite complex. Avery is great to have in class.” In response, Avery went with, “Well I thought it was neat but poor timing, as uc applications were asking me for any history with high school awards of which I had none. The very next day after I finished and sent my application, I get an award. I’m not ungrateful, but I am impressed by this unfortunate timing.”