Biden wins the 2020 election despite Trump’s protests

Sofie Parks, Staff Writer

The media has claimed Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. Although no official winner has been announced due to constant, prolonged recounts ordered by Trump in close result states (that are ironically resulting in more votes towards Biden, such as Wisconsin), the possibility of Biden becoming our next President is exceedingly high. Biden now taking on the title of President-elect. Due to the extreme lengths and effort to “change” and prolong the election outcome, we haven’t gotten the official results.

As of now, some of the Trump administration officials are trying to push Trump away from further political hysterics and start the transition process, but with Trump still refusing to allow President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team in, he is showing thoughtless mannerism as a representative of our country and is catering to the world’s bad view on how democracy in America works. Biden stated that Donald Trump “will go down in history as being one of the most irresponsible presidents.” It will be Biden’s job once in office to immediately re-establish environmental regulations, aid in the fight against covid, and voice the increasing threat of climate change caused by mankind(which Trump denies being the true cause of climate change, stating that “our air and water is at a record clean.”) These have been needs and goals that would benefit the world. But with Trump refusing to accept the loss, it is increasing the challenge to make these goals come alive. It’s the childlike behavior that is being poured out of the oval office that makes this the most embarrassing time for Democracy.

Trump trying to overturn the election with lawsuits and recounts, which has been stated on multiple accounts, by multiple election analysts(including his own team), can not reverse the election results. So, as much as people want to debate about the loss of Trump, it is a fair loss and one that has made Biden our next president.