Donald Trump deserves to win the election

Dylon Reid, Staff Writer

Over the past years, the presidency has had more of a voter turnout each year. That said, people’s voices matter more than ever. The two presidential candidates of the 2020 election were President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden. The two candidates have both totally different views on how the country should be run. Donald Trump’s views are based on what seems to be the true American Dream, as Biden’s is frankly the exact opposite on raising taxes for every American.

Donald Trump has lowered corporate taxes from 28% to 21%, almost 4 million jobs created during his presidency, more Americans are now employed than ever, women’s unemployment at its lowest in 65 years, proposed the Trump Tax cuts for everyone, and the list goes on. If you look at it, why would you vote for Joe Biden who helped create Nafta which was one of the worst trade deals in history, wants to get rid of social security as he has stated, or even sniffs kids he doesn’t know or even kiss his own granddaughter on the lips? Yeah, you’re not alone. The more than 74,000,000 people that voted for Donald Trump thought so too. Even though Trump did not prevail, over 70,000,000 people went to work the next day because those people know that even though they may have lost, doesn’t mean you need to loot stores and riot in big cities, breaking everything because you didn’t get your way. With Biden’s votes just over 81,000,000, the 60,000,000 or so that actually have jobs and aren’t on welfare or feeding off the government, would be able to loot and riot if Trump had prevailed. Because the Republicans know that in another 4 years, they have another shot to get into office, but the Biden supporters would have thought the world was going to end and their feelings would be hurt.

Trump has only done what he promised, to bring back the American dream, and help the crippling middle class, but Biden’s, or should I say, President, to be in 2 years, Kamala Harris, wants to destroy it.