‘Women Supporting Women’ helps to raise money for local projects


Natalie Moore, Staff Writer

‘Women supporting Women’ is a nonprofit organization in Red Bluff circulating the community, doing acts of good service, and raising awareness. The group consists of high school students, more specifically, seniors who are women. Their goal is to make a difference in their community before they graduate. Some of these ladies include Milca Vilabobes, Olivia Fambrough, Kiah Gridley, Frezia Galos, Grace Gallagher, and Paige Gonczeruk. Senior Amber Black is the founder of their club and Senior Allana Geraty is their vice president. Some of their accomplishments in the community include an animal toy drive where they donated all of the supplies given to the local animal shelter. They have also volunteered at Wilcox Golf Course for another community service event, Bingo Night! All of those proceeds were donated to the Tehama Creatives project. 

Amber Black, President of WSW, says she was inspired to create this organization when she became close friends with business owners and others in the community due to her being ad director for The Bluffer and from working in a coffee shop. When Covid-19 hit, she saw that everyone, especially locally, was hurting and losing business. Amber really wanted to help but she did not have the money to do so, and she asked if there would be other girls in the community that were also passionate about helping. Just by word of mouth, she found some and now WSW has twenty-six members. WSW is partnered with Kelly Dolling, a local business owner, and they are looking to join forces with Empower Tehama in their next project.

In the past few months, they have done many things for the community including simple things like Halloween dress-up contests to giving out appreciation letters to local businesses around the town. Other projects include an upcoming “Happy Rocks Project” and a “Big Sister Project.” It is clear that WSW is a great organization that really cares about the community and all of the people in it. Members are trying their best to make an effort and many of them are passionate about what they are doing. Grace Gallagher has been a member of the club since it had started months ago and was inspired to join because many of her friends were becoming interested and she learned that she was very passionate about making our small town a better place especially in these rough times. If you are interested in joining this organization, you can contact Amber Black or direct message @womensupportingwomen.rb and tell them about your interest in joining, they also have a website where you can find information on their latest projects.