Bluffer hopes for a better year in 2021

Jake Benner, Editor-in-Chief

This year has evidently been a difficult time for many people, and it has taken a toll on our society as a whole. Covid-19 has impacted our world in many ways, and the indirect effects have made for lots of change.  Although 2020 has not been the greatest year, there is great hope for 2021.  The biggest hope for 2021 is a vaccine for Covid-19, and much relies on that.  Many countries have been working around the clock to find a breakthrough, and many have claimed one has been found; however, there will be a series of tests before it can be released to the public.  It is projected a vaccine will be available late this year, up to mid 2021. 

If a vaccine is found, there is great hope our world can go back to normal; no mask requirements, businesses can open, and most importantly our loved ones can be safe.  As for hopes for our local community, if a vaccine is available, schools will be open full time, and hopefully, learning can return to normal.  That means there will be no more quarantines, no more split lunches, and classes, and distance learning students can safely return to school.  There is great hope that the school will have sports return, something so many students have longed for.  If a vaccine is found, sports will be able to take place with fans, giving the full high school experience to athletes.  Along with the return of sports, rallies and dances will also be able to return, something that has always provided much fun for students. 

Another thing that the school can hope for in 2021 is the return of foreign exchanges, something that allows students to travel outside of America, and host students from a foreign country.  Another big hope for 2021 is that colleges will reopen, and students can learn in person as well as make new friends and memories.  As of now all universities in California are shut down, but if a vaccine is to be found, there is great hope they will reopen, meaning no more distance learning and zoom calls.  Aside from Covid-19 and a vaccine, something that Americans can look forward to in 2021 is more unity within the country.  As of 2020, our country has been more divided than ever due to the election.  This division in politics has given off much hate and conflict, with both sides at each other’s throats.  Now that the election is over, there is hope people can see each other as people, not Biden or Trump supporters.  As of now, in December, we are very close to 2021; with the new year, it is a great time to set goals for the upcoming year. 

2021 should be a time for everyone to come together, and move forward from this mess of a year.  All in all, although most revolve around a vaccine, there is great hope for the upcoming year and the return of normal society.  It will take some time, but 2021 will be the first step forward in returning to our usual society and normals.