Mr. Southwick enjoys teaching math and coaching wrestling

Triston Vaillette, Staff Writer

Brett Southwick, a Mathematics Integrated Readiness teacher at Red Bluff High School, was born in Australia and moved to the United States after birth. He spent time growing up in the states of Texas and Ohio as well as one of his longer stints where he was located in Union, Missouri. From 7th grade on and through high school, he lived in Paradise, California, where he considers to be his true hometown. Here he found inspiration from his teachers and coaches. These inspirations drove him to become a teacher, partially because school always went well for him. In addition to this, he jumped at the opportunity to coach, work with kids, and have summers off. Since then, he has taught for 20 years, 19 of which were at Red Bluff. Beforehand, Southwick had taught at Salisbury and substituted for roughly 6 years while helping coach different sports on the side. He stated that if he hadn’t started teaching, he would’ve liked to pursue a career in either firefighting or any version of accounting, this is due to his hobby of working with numbers. His favorite part about teaching has to be the daily interaction with people, working with his students, and coaching, particularly in wrestling where he was an assistant coach for all 4 of the Spartan’s Section championships. Southwick has gone on strong and is currently teaching in his 21st year, still in the Mathematics department. Partnered with that, he is the Head Coach of the entire wrestling team.