RBHS English and history departments recognize seniors for their hard work

Lynsey Forsberg and Sofie Parks, Staff Writers

Red Bluff High School wanted to give some positive recognition to its students during this covid year, so teachers are choosing students in their class, who in their opinion stand out to them. There were students chosen by each department to highlight for the duration of the school year. In each issue of the bluffer, there will be two departments selected and the students who have been picked by them. For the English department, there were four senior students selected: Chloe Hess, Kaitlin Lyford, Raj Deol, and Chantz Rice. Each was chosen because they had done something significant to make them stick out to their teacher which is why they have been chosen for this reward. According to Chloe Hess’s teacher, “Chloe is a student in English 12 CP, is smart, kind and determined to learn. She has attended every class meeting (which in and of itself is impressive) and is always prepared. In addition to her fine writing, Chloe embraces the unknown.” As for Kaitlin Lyford, Gleason stated, ”Always on task, asks relevant questions, and is engaged.” Chantz Rice’s teacher claims, “He flies under the radar but has been an exceptionally hard-working student who I think it would mean a lot to be recognized. He kept in regular contact with me last semester after the shutdown, checking in to see how I was doing and letting me know how much he missed school. He works at the BBQ place in town at the old Hal’s Eat ’em Up building, is a drummer in a metal band, does parkour and is a disciple of Bruce Lee too so he might make for a great Bluffer read.” Mrs. Rodriguez observes Raj Deol as, “an excellent English student. Raj is in my AP Lit class and writes creative and poignant essays. In addition, he is a great listener who participates in-class discussions and helps out kids during their presentations should they be struggling.” So, congratulations to all these outstanding students who have been nominated and recognized for their exemplary performance.

Red Bluff’s history teachers have come together to pick the top students of the year in their classes that represent the responsibility and character of the subject. These students have shown advanced participation and perseverance that has made them stand out amongst others. The History Class winners have demonstrated the ability to apply their knowledge of history into the class and show outstanding effort to push through those challenges that these tough classes have to offer. So a Big Congratulations to the selected history students that have shown these very traits: Jake Benner, Milca Santos, Bradyn Klein, and Mariana Montalvo. Each of these students received an achievement award along with a free dutch bros card. When Bradyn was asked why he felt he was chosen, he said, “I feel as if I was chosen as a history winner due to the fact that I’m very efficient in regards to completing my work and I give my full, undivided attention while in class.” Milca Santos believes she was chosen, “Because I work hard and put effort into all my assignments, especially history since it’s not one of my best subjects.” Milca offers the advice that even if it’s hard, you gotta work harder, and there you will succeed.  There is more advice to be found from these phenomenal students. Mariana offers some wise words we all need to hear and take to the heart, “Just do your work and don’t procrastinate.” Once again congrats to these star students, and like Jake Benner said, “Just try your best, pay attention, and you’ll succeed.”