RBHS celebrates Day of the Dead in Spanish classes


Jamin Diaz, Staff Writer

Day of the Dead Spanish 3 projects in Mrs. McDermott’s classroom (Bluffer)

With October coming around, most people always look towards the dark, spooky themes surrounding the month. At this time, most people look forward to Halloween as the main event of the month. However, there’s also another event that many often don’t take note of is Day of the day, or how it’s said in its original spanish translation, Dia de los Muertos. Day of the dead isn’t just an extra Halloween, as it actually has a lot of cultural significance and meaning behind.

Day of the Dead celebrates life and remembers the deceased, not the same as Halloween which mainly focuses instead on the spooky aesthetics and trick or treat of this month. Day of the Dead is celebrated and honored throughout many parts of the world, including our very own high school. The Spanish classes in high school do their part to honor this holiday. “There are projects that are generally done at each level of Spanish,”

Mrs. McDermott, one of the Spanish teachers here at the high school, explained, “Students in Spanish 1 usually have the opportunity to make and decorate sugar skulls, which are a traditional decoration and gift.” Each level also delves more into the holiday, for example, Spanish 3 students create a small altar to honor someone who has passed away, while AP Spanish students change things up a bit and create tombstones for historical figures who changed Latin American culture.” Sadly, demonstrations and activities for Day of the Dead will probably have to go through several changes this year due to COVID-19 still being a major problem for many places around the world. Day of the Dead is an interesting holiday, rich in culture, and gives people something else instead of the usual Halloween spook.


“This celebration is so deeply meaningful and beautiful,” Mrs. McDermott said, “The whole month of October makes me happy because every day when I add to my preparations, I do so with my loved ones in my heart.”