Despite the restrictions, Student Govt offers fun dress up days for students

Emma Hale, Arts and Entertainment Page Editor

Due to COVID 19, this school year’s activities are going to be extremely limited, at least until the second semester.  So far this semester, student government has tried its best to still have days for students to get involved.  Already completed dress up days include Green and Gold and Pink day. 

On green and gold day, student government picked students from each class that they believed and other staff members believed were the most spirited and then rewarded them with gift cards.  Next was red day in honor of red ribbon week.  Each student wore one article of clothing that was the color red because school rules prohibit the excessive wear of red. 

This upcoming Friday, October 30th, there will be a Halloween themed dress up day.  Students can wear their class color or a costume of their choice.  Freshmen class color is orange, Sophomores are purple, Juniors are white, and Seniors will be black.  For those that choose to wear costumes instead have to abide by some rules which include no fake blood, no fake weapons, no full face masks, and costumes that are still in agreement with the school’s dress code.  One main event that has already happened was Senior paint your parking spot day.  This was a brighter day the senior class has felt because it made it feel like things are getting back to normal. 

Another fun and more interactive event that will take place this school semester is going to be Best and Most week.  This week will be in December taking the place of Homecoming week and it will be a week long of dress up days highlighting the seniors who will be chosen for the yearbook’s most and best section.  The voting for this week will start the week we get back after Thanksgiving break.  There will be 15 categories to choose for and 30 senior class winners, 1 boy and 1 girl for each category.  More events will happen later on this school year, likely to be in the second semester in hopes that the COVID regulations lighten up. 

Students dress up for Pink Out Day (Courtesy Photos)

Student government is really trying their best to work with the administration of the school to make this unfortunate situation a little bit more bearable.