‘Among Us’ provides a good time with friends

Among Us provides a good time with friends

Triston Vaillette, Staff Writer

Among Us, a social online game that was released back in the summer of 2018, has refound popularity and became wildly entertaining for a large audience. This audience appears to primarily be teens, as said by the New York Times. In a fresh article, they headlined, “With Nowhere to Go, Teens Flock to Among Us.”

Furthermore, the Times offered their insight as to why the game has been so successful. Taylor Lorenz of the Times, writes that teens desire to relate to their peers in just about any fashion. Even if that comes down to video games. In a more detailed explanation of the game, it was developed and published by Innersloth and it’s availability reaches the platforms of iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows.

Currently the game features two potential roles for each individual player, Crewmate or Impostor. Obviously, the lead objective of the game is to win. To do that Crewmates must either complete all of their given tasks or vote out who they, as a majority, think is the Impostor. Each player, both Crewmates and the Impostor(s) are allowed one vote in which they can vote out any player, including themselves. The game features a chat where players can communicate and decide on who they want to collectively eliminate from the game. To win on the Impostor(s) side, they can either (A) kill Cremates until there is an equal number of Crewmates and Impostors, which occurs more often than (B) sabotage a task area. If the Crewmates fail to fix the sabotage in a certain amount of time, the Impostor(s) win. There are no statistics, no rewards and no real competitiveness. Players just casually play to enjoy the game and maybe a good time with their friends.

Also, this community of players can choose to play across 3 different maps (The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus), somewhere between 4-10 players and 1-3 Impostors. The Among Us community has more than likely spread after seeing celebrities enjoy the game, a large amount of memes or even from watching friends play. As far as trending goes, Among Us is one of the top stories and has yet to see a decline since it’s recent explosion.