This year’s Halloween will look very different because of COVID-19

Lexi Senzell, Staff Writer

This year, because of COVID-19, most traditions and norms have been affected, and let’s just say, it’s a huge bummer. A few examples of these are school events, holidays, vacations, and much more. Up next on the list? Halloween. So, what can we expect this year’s Halloween to look like? Well, for one, trick-or-treating may be compromised for a stay-in movie night with lots of candy instead. I feel that this puts a major damper on the Halloween fun. Haunted houses and carnivals may be restricting the number of people allowed to participate at one time, and of course social distancing and masks will still be in effect. Less public Halloween activities will be present this year, and instead families will celebrate Halloween themselves, rather than with the community as normal.

I am especially bummed about this because with the virus affecting so much, at the very least we deserve to celebrate holidays and participate in fun activities as normal. Since February, everything has been shut down, from the fair, to roller rinks and everything in between. We asked a few students what they think about the current situation and what they plan on doing this Halloween. Elle Johnson (12) said, “ I think Halloween will be ruined because of the virus, and it’s annoying, especially for all of the little kids who have been deprived of part of their childhood because of COVID-19 this year. For Halloween I’m probably forcing my boyfriend to carve pumpkins with me, and watch scary movies together. And of course, I’m going to the store the day after to buy all the clearance candy!”.

Jasmine Azevedo Licea (12) said “Halloween is legit rigged this year bruh. Low key, I am not hyped to be honest, because I love handing out candy and seeing all the little kid’s adorable costumes, but I don’t expect to see many trick-or-treaters this year. I’m probably going to stay in and watch movies and eat candy with friends.”.

So all in all, Halloween might not be as much fun as usual. But hopefully, by this time next year, this whole situation will be in the past.