LA Lakers win the championship

Kurtis Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The NBA finals have come to a close and the Los Angeles Lakers have won the championship. With the ending of the NBA, the bubble sports have officially come to a close. With having coronavirus, multiple professional sports were put into the bubble. One thing we can definitely take away from the bubble is that quarantine actually works. Because of quarantine and social distancing, the NBA was able to play the rest of their season without having to cancel a single game as they had no positive cases. With no cases coming out of the bubble, they proved that social distancing actually works. However, the players in the bubble did still manage to not fully social distance. Throughout the bubble, NBA players did manage to fast food delivery in and some attempted to leave. Another example of this was Lou Williams who went to a nightclub for their chicken wings. Well, at least that is the reason he gave for going to the night club. He could possibly be telling the truth as he does after all have a flavor of wings named after him. Overall, even with a couple of broken rules, the NBA was still able to make it cleanly through the rest of the regular season without having to suspend play because of Covid once.