The new live-action Mulan captivates its audience

Sofie Parks, Staff Writer

We all love the Disney animated movie Mulan. Especially Mushu and the ultimate song “I’ll make a man out of you.” So what if you were told that the new live-action Mulan is neither of those? Yup, no Mushu, and it’s not a musical. Some would think that’s enough to make the movie not worth the watch, but there’s more. In fact, a whole movie’s worth. With almost a completely different storyline, it can easily bring the critiques in close. But in fact, it does just the opposite.

Keeping the basic structure of the original animated movie’s plot, a young woman joining the Chinese army in the place of her father, going against the laws of no women in war. Throughout the movie though, it brings in more of the historical culture of China with a dash of magic to deepen the understanding of chi, the circulating life energy in Chinese philosophy. You can pay for the movie $29.99 right now and watch it on Disney+. The colors palette and music will immerse you into a whole new world of Mulan.