The Bluffer highlights student athlete Frezia Galos


chris Huhn

Frezia Galos, senior.

Chris Huhn, Staff Writer

The Red Bluff High School player of the issue is Frezia Galos.  Galos is a senior and has been playing sports at the high school since she was a freshman.  Galos plays cross country, basketball, and track.  Galos says, “track is my favorite sport because it’s my best sport and I love running.”  Galos adds, “I love the competitive aspect of sports as well as accomplishing personal goals I make for myself.”  With everything going on with Coronavirus, Galos says, “I’m hopeful we will still get to participate in sports, but it will be interesting to see how everything works out in terms of races, games,

Frezia Galos, senior. (chris Huhn)

and meets.”  Overall, Galos is excited for the upcoming seasons and is hoping that they will proceed as normally as possible.