RBHS Floral class creates beautiful bouquets throughout the year



Florals first fall bouquet was available last week.

Allie Fox, Staff Writer

Many may know of the floral class we have at Red Bluff High, or know of the floral teacher behind the beautiful arrangements sold here on campus, Mrs. Trunnell. Making arrangements has not exactly been an easy process throughout this pandemic. Getting the supplies needed to make floral arrangements last spring according to Trunnell was very difficult because the suppliers were forced to shut down for quite some time.

Luckily, they have opened back up, but there are still some factors that had to be contemplated. The process of making arrangements during this school year has required some planning because students are not allowed to work together or share any of the tools provided in the classroom. They have had to spend more money on supplies because of this reason. They also need more buyers in order to accommodate

Floral’s first fall bouquet was available last week. (Bluffer)

these new rules, for each student to get the chance to make their own arrangement. The new AG building has been an amazing addition to our campus, and very convenient for the floral classes. It has many more sinks than the old classroom, and it even has a walk-in cooler. This makes it easier with more workspace available and more room in the new cooler to store flowers. This month’s arrangement is a fall-themed arrangement with sunflowers, eucalyptus, and yellow accent flowers. It is all put together and sold in a clear glass vase with a burlap ribbon.

You should definitely consider purchasing this month’s arrangement, especially because it will mean more learning experience for the floral students! They can make a beautiful autumn centerpiece, or be a great gift to give someone you care about. The next time you see an arrangement on campus or receive one, you should have a greater appreciation for the work behind it.