RBHS student warns that COVID 19 should be taken seriously

Julian Alvarez, Staff Writer

Is COVID real or fake? This is a question that everyone seems to be asking themselves for months now due to this ongoing pandemic. I’m here to tell you the virus is real and how it feels from experience. Now some of you guys might think it’s a bluff and maybe that I just think I had it, but in reality, it’s real. I, indeed, got tested and the results came back positive and I even had to go on distance learning. Sadly, all my teachers and students in my classes also had to quarantine with me. It was an adventurous experience and definitely makes a good story. 

The symptoms I experienced were; cough, sore throat, headache, fatigue, and fever. I didn’t experience any symptoms at school. I was informed after getting home that one of my family tested positive and that I was going to have to quarantine. Of course, I was really bummed out because I didn’t get to see all my teachers and friends. My initial reaction was to think nothing of it and just go on with the two weeks. I just had to sit out of school. 

The next morning I felt like complete garbage, my head hurt so bad that I couldn’t look at a screen for longer than 5 minutes. When I got out of bed, I felt super weak and when I sat down to eat breakfast I was extremely tired from just walking. After the public safety had notified the school one if my family members had tested positive, they ordered me and my family to all get tested. On the way to Shasta College where I got tested, I took a nap and woke up with more symptoms. They tested me and it hurt getting a q tip stuck up each nostril for 5 seconds each.

On Tuesday my results came back positive, and that’s also when the school was informed I tested positive.  Everyone that knew me knew I had been staying home and figured or knew it was me. The symptoms of the virus are very underestimated by the public. Everyone assumes if they get it they won’t feel symptoms or it’s easy to get through it. If anything, we aren’t taking it seriously enough. The media paints a picture as if it doesn’t affect us much, but I’m lucky because I got over it in the short time I did. 

My family members took longer to recover so it’s important to take this virus seriously.