RBHS Yearbook plans to make this year’s book unique for all students

Olivia Fambrough, Staff Writer


With extracurricular activities either canceled or postponed this year, many students are working extremely hard to make the school as eventful as possible. Red Bluff High School’s yearbook staff is working constantly to make the yearbook as unique as this year has been all while following new rules and guidelines put in place. I spoke with the Editor-in-Chief, Allana Geraty, about the class plans for the upcoming Yearbook and what students can expect. An additional note is that everything is up for change. Nothing is permanent as rules and regulations are constantly being updated each day.

For now, the group has decided a chronological yearbook is the best fit due to the many uncertainties surrounding normal school events. Extracurricular activities like sports are all up in the air but set to begin in January, so the Yearbook is taking each month for what it has to offer. Some of the struggles the class has faced are receiving quotes and responses from students. Geraty quotes, “The biggest challenge has been getting responses from students because we’re no longer able to call students out during class.”

Geraty and the Yearbook staff have had to rely on Google Forms and social media platforms to receive quotes and information. Making the process stressful and much more difficult. Due to these circumstances, students can expect a different Yearbook than they would normally see produced. Allana Geraty promises, “…fun spreads that are different from what we’ve done in the past.”

Senior Allana Geraty, Yearbook’s Editor-in-Chief, meets with Adviser, Mrs. Coker to discuss current issues. (Bluffer)

The focus will not be on the lack of extracurriculars but rather highlighting the new opportunities the school will have to offer the students of Red Bluff High School. The yearbook has decided to keep the theme a secret but will be releasing hints on their Instagram page throughout the year. You can follow them at “_rbhsyearbook” for updates and ways to participate in surveys and other fun activities involving the creation of the yearbook. Currently, you can buy a yearbook in the student store or online (https://rbhsspartanstore.myschoolcentral.com/asbworks/(S(4l3o1r3bmwxmgxmdksimet01))/apps/webstore/pages/WebStore.aspx?org=9372)  for 75 dollars.