Everyone should do their part to reduce the risks of wildfires in California

Red Bluff High students attend school on one of the worst air quality days this fire season.

Lynsey Forsberg, Staff Writer

As of September 1, 2020, it has been stated that nearly 40,000 wildfires have singed 4 million acres in the United States. In California alone, there are over 7,536 fires demolishing our state. Over two million acres have been completely diminished. On top of that, 4,000 homes have been destroyed leaving thousands homeless. Most due to the August lightning siege. Leaving California under a state of emergency. This is all in the year 2020.

If you accumulate all the fires that have happened from many years past, the number of acres burned would be extraordinary. Fires are ruining our planet. They cause dead vegetation, warm air, unhealthy air quality, and decreased rainfall causing the severity and frequency of the incidents to increase. Wildfires threaten lives directly and the smoke may affect us all.  There are many ways to reduce the risk of wildfires; removing combustible materials including firewood, yard waste, BBQ grills, and fuel cans from yards. Shut off any natural gas, propane or fuel oil supplies. Also filling large vessels; pools, hot tubs, cans, or tubs with water, will slow or discourage fire activity.

Red Bluff High students attend school on one of the worst air quality days this fire season. (Courtesy Photo)
The view on 99E driving from Red Bluff to Chico
Smoke that can be seen on the outskirts of Red Bluff.

I believe if everyone does their part in reducing the risk of wildfires, then the number of incidents would decrease drastically. We only have one planet and we should be doing everything within our power to make sure that our planet is well taken care of. Because without our planet, we have no home and we can not survive. Let’s stop neglecting our only Earth, and start rebuilding it.