Politics dictate mask laws

With the immediate rise of COVID 19, the world has changed dramatically without a pause. Schools are closing down, ultimately discontinuing education, while small businesses are also being closed down.  The state has issued a  mandatory mandate to wear a mask in public, and this is all for nothing. Masks have no confirmed benefits to even prevent COVID 19, so what’s the point in wearing them? The simple answer is: politics. Long story short, masks shouldn’t even be a thing and they can even cause more disadvantages for some people. For example, The CDC recently quietly updated the provisional death counts for Coronavirus, reporting that only 6% of deaths were caused by Corona, while on the other 94% had 2 or 3 other serious illnesses.

Emily Phillips/Cartoonist

That comes out to only 9,210 deaths in the U.S, but learning has been dismantled, the virus arose, creating looting riots, but for what? Masks by far should not even be a consideration with an extremely small number of deaths, but still saying the virus is present, kids should excel in learning at a hard time like this. In a currently crippling state like California, Governor Gavin Newsom is closing indoor dining and mandating mask wearing, and closing down close to 90% of schools for an extremely low death rate? Masks are what many call a waste of time. Being kicked out of stores or yelled at by your fellow citizens has gotten out of control, but all in all the mandated mask wearing is instructed only by the governors that see only false numbers and not the truth behind Corona Virus and mask wearing.