Students wish the lunches were split by grade levels

As you know, Covid-19 has made many changes to our school. One of them is the splitting of lunch into two groups, A and B. This makes sense because they want to be able to social distance during these times, but I think they should have done this differently. I think that they should have split the lunch groups into two groups: freshman and sophomores, and then juniors and seniors. This would not only allow everyone to hang out with their own class, but it would make it easier for the on-campus security.

This year, they are only allowing juniors and seniors to go off-campus. If they split the lunch groups this way, they wouldn’t have to wonder whether the kids who are off campus are following these rules. the freshman and sophomores are not allowed to leave campus, but the upperclassmen are. This would make it easier for them to tell the difference between the upper and lower classes.

Frezia Galos, a senior here at RBHS, says “It serves its purpose in keeping us from gathering in big groups and since most of my friends are in the same lunch as me, it’s fine because I still get to hang out with them.” 

I do agree with her on

Students eating lunch during A lunch. (Bluffer staff)

how it does serve a meaningful purpose. This is a clever way to allow people to go to lunch while still following the precautions that come along with social distancing. I just think that it could have been done differently. This is the last year that we will all be together as a class. Even though we see each other in other aspects of the day, such as getting to see a lot of people from our own grade in the classroom, it is not quite the same.