‘The Society’ shows Gen Z the hard truths

Lynsey Forsberg, Staff Writer

Netflix came out with a mystery series called ‘The Society’. ‘The Society’ starts with a busload of high school students going out of town on a camping trip. When a storm hit, it forced the bus to turn back around and return home. Upon their return, the teens realize the town is a ghost town and all the adults and younger siblings vanished. Once they realized they had freedom it was fun and all, but quickly realized that it became dangerous. The teens had to establish their own government and rule in order to survive.

It’s a modern spin-off of ‘The Lord of Flies’. They announced prior to coronavirus that they were coming out with a season two. A lot of fans were looking forward to this due to the 94% liked rate it was given. On August 21, 2020, Netflix made public that the show is canceled until further notice. There has been lots of controversy about Netflix canceling the show. It was an important storyline with all generation Z characters. It represented every minority group and was positively influential to teenagers. It was the first show to have gay awareness and a gay couple as the main characters. As well as having a deaf representative on the show also as a main character which is a first on Netflix. It showed the truth behind a toxic relationship and showed all the bruises and reality of it, without sugar-coating it. The show was exemplifying freedom of religion and the differences within the community.


Everyone has different beliefs and all beliefs matter. All characters were diverse and different races with divergent ethical backgrounds. ‘The Society’ shows the hard truths of reality and our generation is making a difference and to cancel it is just making us gen Z babies want it more.