Microsoft may step up to purchase Tik Tok

Triston Vaillette, Staff Writer

In order “to protect our national security,” TikTok must be banned from the United States according to Donald Trump. This is due to the company that owns TikTok, called ByteDance, being under the allegations of communism acts leading to corrupted private information amongst the users. The once popular app switched gears once ByteDance acquired the app. Since then, popular creators have found fame and popularity that has awarded them chances with companies, communities, and other profitable organizations. This can include modeling jobs, social media verifications, potential singing careers, channel growths, acting jobs, clothing chains, etc.

Nevertheless, it has been found out that China can and possibly has used this as a way of finding any kind of minor to major information about citizens around the world. Like the U.S., Australia initiated a ban against the app but called it off soon after finding no majorly suspicious activity. Still, they warned their people to be cautious when using the app. Trump decided to give ByteDance a 45-day opportunity to sell its platform within the United States in an attempt to keep the app alive and running for the U.S. community. Microsoft became a quick solution to the purchasing of the app.

Later in talks, Twitter and Oracle also became a big part of the conversation. Who will buy the app is still in discussion, however it has been confirmed that Microsoft has been in touch with ByteDance and believes that they can officially buy TikTok by the end of September. Purchasing this app would guarantee a minimum of 100 million users that are resided in the U.S. The Top 10 most followed users currently have nine Americans that are all social media personalities. This includes Charli D’Amelio(Dancer), Addison Rae(Dancer), Zach King(Filmmaker), Loren Gray(Singer), Spencer Polanco Knight(Beatboxer), Michael Le(Dancer), Dixie D’Amelio(Dancer), Will Smith(Actor) and Baby Ariel(Singer, actress). Lisa and Lena, once the most followed account on the app, deleted their own account due to ‘privacy concerns and the general loss of interest for the app’. Recently, they rejoined the community and now have nearly 8 million followers. Cutting TikTok off from the U.S. would mean removing 34 of the Top 50 most followed accounts, leaving India’s Riyaz Aly (currently #6) at the top spot.