Teacher Feature: Mrs. Rodriguez



Mrs. Rodriguez raises her hand because she knows the answer.

Dylon Reid, Staff Writer

This Teacher Feature for this issue is Mrs. Rodriguez, or as most people know her as the amazing CRod. CRod grew up in a coastal town known as Ventura, California. She always knew her passion for her future career would be teaching and her love for reading and writing made it obvious what she would pursue.

During her high school years, CRod had a quite “kooky” English teacher who tended to always pick on students, and CRod vowed to be a better English teacher than her previous educators. CRod moved to Red Bluff and quite easily, knew Red Bluff High School was the school she wanted to affiliated with. She has been a part of Red Bluff High School since 1990, and couldn’t ask for a more amazing staff and students.

Throughout her career, she has made numerous memories that make her teaching career even greater. CRod has always enjoyed students’ writing, especially the poetry they make when many don’t know their capabilities, but it’s a big moment to her when a student shares a piece they constructed, as CRod states, “It’s always a big moment, but a couple of points are used as a bribe to get there”. One thing students absolutely love about CRod is her sense of humor. Just in the first few days of school, many students can’t get enough of her laughs and jokes; she always seems to make everyone’s day brighter in class. With all the jokes and laughs, she loves when kids come back and tell her how much of a fun time they were having during the class and didn’t fully realize how much knowledge they actually obtained from the class until they took the AP test.

Mrs. Rodriguez’s desire for teaching has always proven to students they can learn academically, but also have a bit of fun, but what she wants more than anything is to watch her students grow and succeed.