People need to wear a mask in order to stay safe

Sofie Parks, Staff Writer

We don’t wear masks because we enjoy being uncomfortable and having fashionable cloth covering half our face. We wear it because it is effective. The World Health Organization stated that “the primary way the coronavirus spreads is from person to person by respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. Face masks, however, block these droplets.”

The World Health Organization was created by the United Nations, which specializes and is responsible for the International health of the world. They are not a political base nor is their information made up or created by one-sided politicians. You have no reason to distrust it. The masks we wear protect others around us and us from them.  Teenagers tend to think we are unstoppable and there is no chance we could catch coronavirus (I, too, think this way); especially in a little town like Red Bluff with only 105 cases. But that could change with one highly contagious student walking on campus showing no symptoms (just like 25% of all coronavirus cases) and sharing all of his coronavirus filled air droplets. Especially if that student is one who takes off his mask frequently to talk to friends that can barely hear him under his covering.

RBHS students wear masks even in the cafeteria. (Lynsey Forsberg)

Wearing a mask isn’t that hard. Ask China. They went from 84,871 cases to exactly 1,495 once they enacted the mask mandate and maintained extreme social distancing. Unlike the US which has 4,764,218 active COVID cases and still growing. Wearing your mask is a selfless and easy act because in doing so, you are protecting others around you. Taking off your mask is a selfish act. You’re willing to take the risk of spreading those germs to someone else. So wear your mask, or would you rather be in quarantine trying to learn math over a Chromebook?