RBHS offers Distance Learning for students

Olivia Fambrough, Staff Writer

The year 2020 has already changed the lives of millions, but for hundreds of thousands of students across the country, this school year could affect them for the rest of their academic and adult lives. In cities hit harder by the Coronavirus, in-person learning wasn’t an option. Luckily, here at Red Bluff High School, there was an opportunity to choose what’s best for each student as individuals.

Included in those options is a program in place called Distance Learning. Distance learning is an at home school program that accommodates students that feel being at home is a better option. A misconception associated with the program is that the work is not mandatory. This is false. Unlike the at-home learning implemented last year, students on Distance Learning are expected to do the work provided by one’s teachers and are being held equally accountable. The learning is asynchronous, meaning students are not required to login to class at a set time on programs like Zoom.

But students are able to do the work at their own pace throughout the day. Each approach to teaching will differ between teachers, but one can expect to be responsible for one’s time management and keeping up on assignments and due dates. Distance Learning will be offered all semester, and one is able to switch to the online classroom setting if she or he wishes. Once one is on Distance Learning, they are encouraged to stay with it until the end of the fall semester. Distance Learners are given a Chromebook and will be provided with a hotspot as soon as they are available. Some electives are not provided on the Distance Learning program, instead students are offered Online Electives through a program called Acellus. Acellus, used for Online Electives, is also asynchronous and grants students the opportunity to work at their own pace.

Victoria Clark, a senior on distance learning, responds to how the program is going for her. She quotes, “It’s going well because I feel like I almost have more time since I’m on a self-schedule.” Students can sign up for Distance Learning through their counselor.